Business Users Charging Points

The growing number of local authorities and education establishments that are switching to green fleets for all of their departments are fitting electric car charging points.

The Retail, Leisure, Hotel & Restaurant and Tourism sectors all play an important part in providing electric car charging for their customers. In many cases charging facilities are becoming part of their green policy, with EV drivers being encouraged to use their facilities rather than competitors, whilst charging and parking .

  • Brand benefits to company highlighting green credentials and QR codes on post
  • Clear CSR message to stakeholders
  • Increased business opportunities with EV customers
  • Increased publicity through scheme
  • Support and attract staff who drive EVs
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment advantages
  • Encourage the use of EV fleet or pool cars with cheaper running costs and lower emissions to the benefit of your business
  • Fits well with other measures in company travel plans that seek to encourage sustainable transport to, from, and during work
  • Take advantage of funding and support to set up infrastructure – available for a limited time
  • Hassle free process to getting your charging point installed
  • Be part of a growing wider network of charge points and users across the UK
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